Kirby Star Allies!

Getting my first look at the amazing Kirby Star Allies on Nintendo Switch. This is my first time doing a Switch game for my videos because I just got an Avermedia LGP Lite capture card. So far the game looks and plays amazing. Nothing to complain about right now. Anyway this is just the first level. I plan to do a full playthrough of this game!


Level 3: Key Cavern Part 1| Link’s Awakening DX

Things are starting too get quite difficult now with Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening. In this episode we make our way to Ukuku Prairie, where we meet King Richard. We help to retrieve the five golden leaves from the castle in order to get Slime Key which we can use to open the gate to Level 3: Key Cavern.

We also make use of the Bananas, which we give to Kiki the monkey so that he can build the bridge to let us into Richard’s Castle. In return we get a stick. A STICK!!

This is where things start to get tough.


Today is the 10-year anniversary of the death of my childhood best friend, Barry. I never went to the funeral. I’ve never visited his grave. I’ve never paid my respects to his family. I regret all of this. But not a moment has gone by in my life that I don’t think about him and wish I’d been there more. Maybe things might have been different somehow.

The fact that I didn’t make the funeral really hurts me still. It’s always been a weight on my shoulders. It’s a bit of a long story but I’ll try to hash it out from start to finish and keep it as simple and short as I can.

I grew up in the roughest part of Dublin, Ireland. Probably the roughest part of the country. Inner City Dublin in the 80s and 90s was one of the most difficult places a child could grow up. It still is today.

There were burned out cars on every street. Drug dealers on every corner. Rubbish strewn about the place. Fighting. Thieving. Most of the kids were too rough to hang out with.

In that place, it was hard to find a friend that was like me. Someone that was quiet, non-violent and nerdy. It took a few years but I did find one. His name was Barry.

He’d been in my class in school from my very first day all the way up to 4th class (11 years old) when my family eventually moved to the suburbs. He’d pretty much always been around but it wasn’t until a school trip to a farm in Limerick when I was about 8 that we got to know each other.

I still have the photograph of that day somewhere although I don’t like looking at it. It makes me sad. Just like writing this is making me sad now.

It turned out Barry was just like me. He was a bit taller and more gangly than I was but other than that, pretty much identical. We bonded through our love of Hornby trains, toy cars, Gameboy, doing homework and most importantly, Back to the Future. After that trip to the farm, everything sort of changed for me. I finally had a friend that was interested in the same things as me. I’d sort of always struggled in that department. I would hang out with my brother and his friends before that and they never wanted me around so it was nice to have my own friend.

A few days after we got back, he invited me to his house for his birthday party. I was afraid to go because I wouldn’t have known anyone. It turned out there was a couple of people I knew from school. Not knew exactly but I sort of knew their faces and names.

We watched Stop Or My Mom Will Shoot, ate popcorn, had birthday cake and played with toys. Your typical kids’ birthday party.

After that, the friendship was sealed. We’d play for days in either of our gardens, or in the old abandoned rail lines behind my house. I’d be Doc and he’d be Marty in the future or I’d be Marty and he’d be Biff in the wild west or any other variation or time-line. We’d sit in a burned out car and pretend it was the DeLorean. As rough and shitty as that sounds, my childhood was something special. Kids today will never really know what it was like to properly play on the streets.

Sometimes we’d play Countdown with his father in the living room when the weather was bad or play Mario Kart with my brothers in my room. When we weren’t doing that, we were diligently doing our homework together (competitively I’ll add!) or playing with train sets.

Barry had a Gameboy. I didn’t have one at the time and he used to bring it everywhere with him. I would curse the fact that I only had a SNES even though what I had was far better. He’d let me play on it sometimes. He had Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening and I never played anything like it before, or probably since. It was amazing. We both used to talk all the time about it and help each other get though difficult parts and there were quite a few difficult parts in that game!

It’s funny how even today, I go back to playing that game every now and again. Even now, my play-through on YouTube of the game came literally in the same month of Barry’s anniversary. Co-incidence? Not likely. I find comfort in playing it and I know it’s to do with my guilt.

Then one morning out of absolutely nowhere, My Mam and Dad sat us all down (my brothers and sisters) in the kitchen and explained that we were moving to the suburbs. There wasn’t going to be time for goodbyes. We were moving that night. I remember being very upset about it. The first thing that came to my mind was Barry. What would happen with him?

We didn’t move out in a hurry or anything like that. Apparently it had all been planned properly. My older brother and sisters knew but the younger ones didn’t really know. Too young to understand or even comprehend the idea of leaving your home and friends behind. All the arrangements had been made with my old school and new school and everything was done. I don’t know if I was stupid or if my parents were just really good at hiding it but I hadn’t a clue about any of it and was totally shocked when I got the news. I’m going to go with stupid. I bet they’d told me a hundred times that we were moving and it just didn’t register.

And so we moved to the suburbs and to begin with, it was horrible. A whole other world to me. I hated it.

My Mam promised me that I could still visit Barry and that she’d arrange with his Mam for him to come see me. Which we did. Every other weekend. For a little while.

I’d go down to see him and he’d come out to see me. After a while things started to feel different. Like it was a chore to meet up. Then the visits got sporadic and eventually stopped altogether. I moved on. Made new friends. Even began to love my new life in the ‘burbs. By the time I was 13, we hadn’t spoken in months. I remember thinking about that quite a bit and then being distracted by Final Fantasy 7 or a game of football on the green.

This next part is quite painful to talk about so I’ll try keep it short and avoid any nonsense.

About 12 years passed by. More time than I’d actually known him. In that 12 years, I’d wondered about him here and there. I heard through a friend of a friend that he had a couple of kids and had a job in a big multi-national company in Dublin. I was happy for him but still did miss him in a way.

I never thought for a moment that I’d never see him again. I always, in the back of my mind, felt that I’d meet up with him again at some stage, maybe in a pub or on the street. I thought we’d kick our friendship off again. Talk about the old days. This time we’d be adults and wouldn’t be relying on parents to take us to see each other. We’d have a great old laugh!

I’ll never forget the day as long as I live. It was 10 years ago now that I think about it. Jesus where does the time go? I was still living with my parents then and just returned from work. The newspaper was on the coffee table. Normally I’d just read the sport and the tech section and move on. But something, and I don’t know what it was, made me look at the obituaries first that day. It could have been that my Mam had the corner of the page folded (she was always reading obituaries and would regularly fold the corner of a page when she wanted to come back to something) but I’m not so sure. I don’t remember that specific detail.

Now I don’t believe in supernatural occurrences in any way, shape or form but this one instance always stands out in my mind. If there was ever an experience in my life that could qualify as supernatural, then me picking up the paper and reading the obituaries on that day of all days was it.

When I opened the page, the first thing I saw was his name and a picture of him underneath. It was him no question about it. I recognised the face immediately. I read on and learned that he’d passed away and the funeral was to take place in two days.

But you know what? The paper was two days old. That’s right. I missed the f*cking funeral and I was and still am devastated over this. While I was in work that day, Barry was being lowered into the ground. I asked my sister if she knew anything as she was still friends with people from the street and she said she knew. She never bothered to tell me. I guess it’s not her fault but there is a small bit in me that holds it against her. I can’t help it. I’m still angry that the stupid newspaper was two days old. Had I looked at the sport pages first, I’d have known it was two days old because of the results and never would have learned about Barry that day. Sure, I probably would have found out eventually. It’s all a bit strange.

And in the words of my favourite author, Kurt Vonnegut. So it goes.

Barry was no longer with us.

I found out later he was killed in a car crash on the motorway and was leaving two kids behind. I don’t normally cry. It would take a fair bit to get me going, usually relationship stuff if I’m honest, but I cried that day. And every now and again for a few weeks. I was so annoyed with everybody and everything. In many ways, I still am.

Even to this day, I’m nervous about driving because somewhere in the back of my mind, I always think of Barry and the crash and how I never got to know my best friend as an adult. All those dreams I’d had of meeting up with him and having a pint vanished. Just like that. Probably just as quick as the light vanished from behind his eyes on that terrible day in March 2008.

I miss him and think about him often. I always think about going to the grave but I don’t know where he’s buried. Then I think of getting in touch with his family to find out where he’s buried and then I think that I don’t want to be bothering them and bringing it all up. It’s an endless cycle of anxiety and guilt.

I’m sorry, Barry, that I stopped visiting you when we were kids and I’m sorry I allowed us to drift apart. I’m sorry I missed your funeral and that I haven’t gone to see you.






Legend of Zelda Link’s Awakening DX

No game, even to this day, has captured my imagination quite the same way as The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening.

I don’t know what it is about this game that makes it so special to me. It could be the simplistic nature of the graphics and style, coupled with the confusion and difficulty.

It could also be the change of scenery. No longer are we in the world of Hyrule and Princess Zelda is actually nowhere to be found. In this world, we are on Koholint Island and instead of Zelda, we are introduced to Marin, a beautiful young girl, not unlike the famous Princess.

This here is the remake for Game Boy Colour. They did a great job adding color to it and really does the original justice.

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Flatout 2 PC Version Multiplayer

So I haven’t made a video in a few days but remembered that I had this on steam and decided to fire it up. I played this game a lot with my friends a few years back, probably 2007 or so, on PS2. Let me just say a couple of things.

1: This PC version looks amazing
2: But the controls are so f*cking bad
3: The PS2 version looks terrible compared to this
4: But the controls were so good
5: The single player racing is terrible in this game
6: But the multiplayer is one of the best I’ve ever played for local multiplayer.

So all in all, if you have a PS2 or a PS2 emulator, I recommend you get Flatout 2 and play this with your friends. It’s an amazing party game especially with a few beers.

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Or don’t.