Let’s Play Cockhead | A Floppy Cuphead Parody | Shameless McFly

Hi guys, Shameless McFly here. This is Cockhead. Based on the style of Cuphead but you know, you’re a penis and this is a terrible game that appears to be completely broken in every way possible. Don’t buy it. Don’t even look at this video.

You’ll regret everything.

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Fantasy Premier League Pro Tips | Master the 20/21 season.

Fantasy Football can be a lot of fun or a hellish nightmare. It all depends how you play. I’ve put together this short list of protips to help you get the most out of the game. Like all things, you get out what you put in.

1: Loyalty Means Nothing

Be smart about your choices. Loyalty means nothing in FPL.

We all know this one. We like to include players from our favourite team. It feels dirty if we don’t have any players from our team in or worse if we swap them out. It’s not.

It’s a sure fire way to lose your mini league and go plummeting down the table. I won almost all of my mini leagues last year partly because people were captaining Salah despite his dip in form after the break. They were too loyal to him. Be ruthless.

2: Form over Fixtures

Players in form are highly sought after. Don’t transfer them out when they’re playing well.

If I had a euro for every time I took a form player out (I’m looking at you Ings!) because he had a bad run of fixtures coming but they turned out to not give a flying f*ck about their opposition and continued to produce huge hauls. Don’t be a fool like me. Don’t make this mistake. Always choose form over fixtures.

Do be cautious here though. Don’t go changing your entire team to a team of players in temporary form. This is a huge mistake too. The key, I believe, is to never transfer out a player in form. Be cautious when transferring them in though. Use your head on this one.

3: Save your Free Transfers

Don’t go crazy with your free transfers. Save them up.

You might be tempted to use your free transfer every week. Don’t do this. If you want a player out, stick with them for one more week and then make a double change. This is way better because you get more wiggle room with regards to prices.

Also, you don’t have to use your free transfers for the sake of it. If your players are doing well and the future looks bright, don’t make any changes. Just remember that you can’t have any more than 2 free transfers at a time.

4: Mini Wildcard

Wildcard bitches!

Save up your Free Transfers and then take a -4 hit for a player. This will mean you get 3 transfers and only lose 4 points. This is probably one of the best ways to play the game in my opinion. Although I would normally advise against taking hits, sometimes you have no choice.

This way you get more flexibility in your transfers and it can feel like a whole new team. It’ll save you taking hits in the long run anyway since technically you can only do these every 3 games. -4 points every 3 games is a lot less of a hit than -4 every week!

5: Timing for Transfers

Timing is everything with FPL transfers. Always be looking to get ahead.

Time your transfers very carefully. Try to make your transfers before any gameweek points are calculated. This needs a bit more forethought. If there’s a player you want in, do it as soon as your free transfer is available, which will be around kickoff time of the first game of that gameweek.

If you wait until the next day or even later that day, the prices will be recalculated and that player may now cost more to bring in. This is a life saver.

6: The Grass is not Greener.

The grass looks nice but don’t be deceived!

Play your own game. Don’t be looking at what your competitors are doing. This can lead to huge mistakes. You might see they have a couple of players that you hadn’t considered. Then you bring them in only to see they’ve taken them out the next week and you’re stuck with them.

And you’ll find more often than not, the players you dropped are now in their team. We’re all watching each other. Don’t worry about it. You’re better off keeping up with team and player news and using that to fuel your plans.

7: Contempt

Your deep seethed hatred for the opposition will be your downfall in FPL.

Contempt is the other side to the loyalty coin. You might be a City fan and the thoughts of having a United player in your team might turn your stomach. But you really shouldn’t be playing FPL if this kind of thing stops you from competing. Nothing should come between you and being the best. Drop the nonsense. Bring in players from any team. Loyalty and contempt are the enemy of a FPL Manager.

8: Clean Sheets

Gotta keep them sheets clean if you want to win.

For me, clean sheets are everything. Choose players who get clean sheets every week over players who don’t score every week. This makes perfect sense when you actually think about it.

A forward drawing a blank will get you 2 points. A defender getting a clean sheet will get you 6. Even if your forward does score, he might still only get you 6 points. This is especially important when a team is coming up against a team that doesn’t score many goals!

All in all, choosing Gomez at Liverpool for 5.5 points is better than choosing Bamford at Leeds who is the same price. He’ll get more clean sheets than Bamford will get goals. Know what I mean?

Players who score/assist and get clean sheets are obviously what you actually want. Pick them.

9: Bonus Points

The Bonus Points System is a mysterious beast that can’t be reasoned with.

I’ve given up trying to figure out the Bonus Points System. Some players seem to play out of their skin, get a goal and assist and still not get the 3 bonus points while some players seem to do nothing and always get the maximum points. It can be heartbreaking. I tend to not bother trying to guess who will get bonus points.

Just pick players who are on form and don’t worry about the Bonus Points System.

10: Goalkeepers

Picking a pair of safe hands is one of the biggest keys to success in FPL.

There are essentially two tactics for goalkeepers.

1: Stick goalie. He’ll be in your team all season and you never have to worry about changing him out. Usually you couple him with a low cost option that you know won’t play but it doesn’t matter, you won’t be rotating anyway. This is a risky strategy I think because if your goalie comes up against a strong team, you don’t have a backup and might have to use a free transfer to get out of it.

2: The Old Switcharoo. This is when you choose two decent goalkeepers with favourable fixtures that line up. Say you might have a keeper with a great GW1 & 2 but a tough GW3 & 4. If you pick your second goalkeeper that has a good run for GW3 & 4 then you’re covered for all 4 gameweeks. To me, this is the best option because you’ll avoid tougher fixtures this way.

11: Captain

The difference between winners and losers in FPL is your captain selections.

Your captain picks will be the difference between winning your league and not. It’s that simple. Some people choose a set and forget approach. They might say, well Salah will always play and score so I’ll set him as captain for the season and not change it. As I mentioned earlier, a lot of people got caught out with this and it cost them their mini leagues because Salah’s form fell away.

For me, I always pick my captain and see how he goes. If he plays well, I leave the armband on him. If not, I might choose someone else. Don’t be loyal for the sake of it. Don’t get caught by the grass is greener syndrome and don’t fall into the trap of choosing fixtures over form. Don’t change a captain that’s getting you lots of points until he stops getting you points. Makes sense.

12: Chips

Strategy. Strategy. Strategy.

This can seem tricky but is actually really simple. You get the free hit chip, two wildcard chips (one at the start of the season and one in january), a bench boost chip and a triple captain chip.

Use your first wildcard before the second one kicks in or you’ll lose it. This is best used to help with the busy Xmas schedule so you don’t get caught with injuries and rotations. In saying that, don’t just use for the sake of it. Only use when you need it. Save all of the rest for double gameweeks. There is usually a few of them towards the end of the season. This can be the difference between getting 50 points in a double gameweek and 100.

If a player has a double gameweek, he could get double the points. And if you triple captained him too, you could end up with a single player getting you over 100 points in a gameweek! Madness.

13: Bench Fodder

Players like Ferguson at Palace are cheap and help free up funds to be used elsewhere.

Bench Fodder are players who won’t be likely to play and come at rock bottom prices. Lots of FPL Managers like to have some bench fodder in their team so they can spend elsewhere. For me, I try not to pick players that never play and if I do, I try to be savvy about it. A good strategy for this is to have the real life backup player and the real life starter in your team. That way, no matter what the rotation, you’ll have a player on the pitch.

A good example of this is to have Stephens AND Vestergaard at Southampton. They most likely won’t play together (great if they do) but if one doesn’t play, the other surely will. Another good example of this is choosing Schmeichel and Ward at Leicester. If Schmeichel gets injured or suspended then Ward comes in.

Don’t do this with big teams though, their players are usually too expensive to have sitting on the bench.


And that’s it. I could give you all kinds of hints and tips on exactly what players to choose but ultimately, it’s your FPL and you should pick your own team. Hopefully, this advice helps and you can get the edge over your mates.

Best of Luck!

My Insane Zipline Network | From First Prepper to Timefall Farm | DEATH STRANDING

Welcome to my insane Death Stranding Zipline Network which includes online Ziplines in the network too that I took advantage of.

It starts from the the First Prepper, all the way round Mountain Knot City up to the Weather Station and then past the Elder, round the Film Director and over to South Knot City and on to the Timefall Farm.

It also connects The Spiritualist, The Mountaineer, The Doctor, Heartman’s Lab, The Roboticist, Distribution Centre South of Lake Knot City, the Junk Collector, the Chiral Artist and Mama’s Lab.

It used to include the Geologist and the Palaeontologist too but I five starred them and took them off the zip network to redistribute bandwidth.

All in all the full line will take me to the following locations:

First Prepper


Mountaineer Mountain Knot City


Heartman’s Lab


Weather Station

Distribution Centre South of Lake Knot City


Film Director

Junk Collector

Chiral Artist

Mama’s Lab

South Knot City

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Welcome to Yarntown! A 2D Pixel Graphics Zelda-like Bloodborne Demake.

Get it here: https://maxatrillionator.itch.io/yarntown

Welcome to Yarntown by Max Mraz.

You’ve come on the night of the hunt. The streets of this cursed, gothic town are overrun with beasts, and what has become of the men who tried to hunt them before. Explore the twisting roads, go toe to toe with powerful foes, and uncover Yarntown’s dark secrets.

Yarntown is a 2D hommage to Bloodborne, a dark fantasy video game released on Playstation 4 in 2015. Bloodborne is as renowned for its demanding and merciless gameplay as for its incredible gothico-victorian atmosphere. This quest recreates only a part of the original game, because this is just a little side project.


Key Action
← ↑ → ↓ Move.
Space Action / Dodgeroll.
C Swing weapon
Hold to charge weapon attack.
X Shoot pistol.
V Use blood vial to heal.
D Pause and save.
You will restart at the last lantern visited.


If you haven’t played Bloodborne, here’s a quick rundown of how it works. Be prepared to die often. You can’t tell we didn’t warn you.


Using actions depletes your stamina bar. If it’s all the way down, you won’t be able to attack or dodge. The charged attack uses more stamina.

It is possible to stun ennemies. If you hit an enemy in the back with a charged attack, it will stun them. Using a normal attack while they’re stunned will deal a large amount of damage. This is called a Visceral Attack.

You can also stun an enemy and open them up for a Visceral Attack if you shoot them just before they start attacking. The window for this varies by attack. The pistol doesn’t do a ton of damage, so it is mainly useful for stunning an enemy like this.

You can roll through enemies’ attacks if you time it properly: you’re invincible for a few moments while rolling.

Enemies are very dangerous in groups, as they won’t take turns to attack you. Try to engage them one-on-onewhenever possible.


There are several lanterns throughout the level. You can choose to “Commune with the Dream” at them in order to replenish your health, and well automatically move Blood Vials and Bullets from storage to your inventory up to 20 each. However, resting at the lantern in this way will bring any enemies you’ve defeated back to life.

Defeating enemies gives you Blood Echoes. These are used as currency to buy items, as well as used to level up a Lanterns.

When you die, you will restart at the last lantern you interacted with. All your blood echoes, however, will remain where you died. Return there, without dying again, to retrieve them. If you die again without retrieving your blood echoes, they’ll be lost forever.


Choose to “Commune with the Dream” at a lantern to spend blood echoes to level up. You can raise several different stats:

  • Vitalityincreases your health.
  • Enduranceincreases your stamina.
  • Strengthincreases the damage you do, as well as defense.
  • Skillalso increases the damage you do, the damage your pistol does, and the damage visceral attacks do.

You can find Bloodstone shards which you can use at the table near the starting location to improve the damage your weapon does.

You can carry 20 Blood Vials and 20 Quicksilver Bullets on you at a time. If you collect more than this, they’ll be sent to storage. When you die, or interact with a lantern, your vials and bullets will be moved from storage to your inventory, up to the limit of 20.

Poltergeist Breakup

This is Poltergeist Breakup.

The story is that you’ve died tragically in a bizarre gardening accident and your ex has moved on swiftly and already dating within 6 moments of your death.

What they didn’t count on was you coming back as a disgruntled ghost, hell bent on keeping your ex in single misery for the rest of their days.

Revenge is a dish, best served cold. You know, like a dead body, cold, like a ghost. Cold. No? OK then.

Unbound: World’s Apart (Prologue) | Shameless McFly Plays

Unbound: World’s Apart (Prologue) is an atmospheric 2D Puzzle-Platformer where the main character, Soli, can conjure magic portals to travel between different realities in order to learn more about the catastrophe that ravaged his world. Inside certain portals, the physical properties of the character or world elements can change, offering new gameplay possibilities.

Unbound’s artistic approach can be summarised as a dark fairy tale presented in a cartoonish style, with the purpose to give the game experience a fresh look and feel. Curiosity and exploration will have an impact on the overall atmosphere.

  • Key features:
  • Beautiful hand-drawn art
  • Rich puzzle environment
  • Nonlinear Story
  • Play with portals
  • Malevolent enemies that you have to outsmart
  • Nonlinear Gameplay



  • OS: Windows 7 and above
  • Processor: Intel Core i3 @ 2.00 GHz
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • Graphics: Dedicated GPU recommended
  • DirectX: Version 11
  • Storage: 3 GB available space


  • OS: Windows 10
  • Processor: Intel Core i7 @ 3.00 GHz
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics: Dedicated GPU recommended
  • DirectX: Version 12
  • Storage: 6 GB available space

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Keep Calm. Be Respectful | What a Wonderful World (BAD COVER)

I’m seeing a lot of negativity online lately and have been in my fair share of arguments with people about what we think is the right approach for tackling the coronavirus.

I decided to learn and play this song, What a Wonderful World by Louis Armstrong in the hope that it might help people to remember to be a little nicer to each other and accept that these are trying times and everyone deals with this in their own way.

It will be over one day and we should not lose sight of that.

My own advice to anyone would be the following:

1: Only get your information from reputable sources like the BBC or the W.H.O. Unbiased, public funded news is the way to go.

2: Take regular breaks from being online. As great as the web can be, it can also be filled with poison and negativity at times

3: Wash your hands.

4: Remain calm.

5: Keep your heads.

6: Don’t spread misinformation.

7: Don’t spread fear and panic.

8: Don’t hoard necessities.

9: Find ways to occupy your time that doesn’t hurt, blame or upset others.

10: Only leave the house for necessities like food, exercise, caring for relatives etc.

11: Don’t gather or go to large gatherings of people.

12: Look out for the elderly but keep your distance from them and also the most vulnerable people.

13: Don’t berate people who are forced to go to work and take public transport. They’re facing the danger so you don’t have to. Taking pictures of them on public transport and calling them d*ckheads is the worst.

14: Be nice.

15: Learn a new song or dance or do something you’ve never had the time to do.

16: Have fun.

17: Respect each other and yourself.

18: Don’t use the coronavirus as an excuse or a tool to further your career or profits.

19: Learn to meditate.