5,000 Friends (Not Followers).

5,000 Friends (Not Followers).

I never knew what lay beneath the surface of Twitter until 2017. Despite having had an account since 2011.

Until I started to realise that pretty much everyone in my life was moving away from video games and I had literally nobody to talk to about games anymore. I decided to look for people that liked video games. Old games. New games. Everything.

Gaming, for me, is more than just mashing buttons. It’s a passion, a love, a way to unwind, a place to go when the world disappoints or lets me down, a challenge, a recreation, a hobby, a pleasure, a leisure, an escape. It’s always been that way for me.

But growing up, I always had others to share that with. I’ve always had people to talk about games with. I used to live with one of my best friends up until Feb 2017. We played a lot of games together. All kinds of games. It was bliss. I miss it in so many ways.

After we went our separate ways, I started to realise just how little I got to talk about games.

So this is why I started looking on Twitter and YouTube. I was looking for friends. New friends. Gaming friends. People I could talk about games with. Share my passion with.

But I didn’t know that right under my nose, in the place I was going regularly to get my football fix, there was a whole community of gamers bubbling beneath the surface of Twitter. A huge, amazing network of passionate gaming people from all over the world. Ireland, the UK, The USA, Australia, France, Spain, Brazil, Russia, New Zealand, Germany, Norway. All from different countries but all with the same interests as me.

I found all these people through one account. RetroBoyJon. He was the first person that popped up when I was searching for gaming people. Well others popped up but they were the usual big names that weren’t really that interesting to me. With Jon’s profile, I was seeing all these awesome other people commenting and getting involved in his posts. No celebrity statuses or egos. Just like-minded people sharing their stories and interests.  And all positive and informative. Talking about games and consoles that I loved as a kid and still love today. People just having fun, talking about what they loved. No negativity.

I knew I needed to be a part of it. I needed it in my life. To fill a hole.

That sounds quite dismissive but it’s not. It was a big hole and I didn’t realise until I found everybody just how much I needed them.

So I just want to say a big Thank You to RetroBoyJon and to all of you. You’ve more than filled a hole in my life. You’ve filled it and then kept going, piling up like a tower. 5,000 amazing, unique, interesting, fun and friendly followers. Not followers. Friends.

Thanks for everything. You’ve been amazing and I’m very grateful for your friendship. Long may it continue.


A Short, Harrowing, Hauntingly Beautiful Game | Resurgent on Itch.io

Ahoy Mateys, welcome back to Shameless McFly. This is Resurgent on itch.io.

It’s a zombie apocalypse game. It’s very short but one of the most beautiful games you’re ever likely to play. It’s a pixel graphics game with a musical score that is gorgeous.

While it looks quite simple, it’s complex theme is executed magnificently. I recommend this 100% an give it an 8/10. I deduct 2 full marks cause I feel the game was a little too short for me and another mark because I would have loved to at least have a weapon.

Thanks for watching, don’t forget to strike that like, subscribe, share, comment or do whatever the heck you want.

Last of Us Talkthrough with Special Guest!

Ahoy Mateys. Today we have a special edition let’s play. Something I like to call a talkthrough. We are joined by my wonderful other half Feebles. She talks through the whole thing so don’t expect to hear anything from within the game lol.

But seriously, I had a great time recording this. A lot of fun. Don’t forget to strike that like with all your might, subscribe and watch other videos.

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Being a B*stard in the Wasteland Part 1 | Making The Gargoyle | Fallout 4

Ahoy Mateys. In anticipation of Fallout 76, I’ve decided to return to the amazing wasteland of Fallout 4. I’m a huge Fallout fan but have never made a Fallout video, mostly because I’d played and completed the games before I started my channel.

The idea of this new series is to create an absolute creature and haunt the wasteland. Just being a total b*astard to everyone. I’m making my character as ugly as I possibly can to give him a reason for his behaviour. Basically he’s going to be so annoyed with the world and the way he looks that he wants to destroy it and everyone in it.

Sound fun? Good. This is episode one. Making the Gargoyle!